The Coronado & Pacific Coast Update
Coronado consistently tops the popularity contest of the best beach destination along Panama’s Pacific Coast, and for good reason: besides the gorgeous natural surroundings, it offers great amenities, a vibrant expat community and the ideal mix of activities to live an outdoor lifestyle year round. New businesses and infrastructure improvements will ensure that Coronado will remain as popular as ever. But, as prices are increasingly pushed down with new supply coming on board, it might just be an auspicious time to buy in Coronado - or rent, if you haven’t visited or made up your mind yet that Coronado is the right spot for you. Be the first to receive our newest guide!

What to expect:
  • Infrastructure improvements and why getting to Coronado will only become faster and easier
  • How to make the most of an outdoor lifestyle, year round
  • The best in golfing, deep-sea fishing, hiking and more
  • Becoming a part of the Coronado community, volunteering and more
  • Top spots for dining, entertainment and shopping
  • The top beaches in Coronado and the surrounding area
  • Healthcare options
  • Raising kids in Coronado
  • Real estate insights: The Panama Beach Property Market Update
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