Balboa Avenue Price Movement Insights Report

Price movement and historical data on the Panama real estate market are hard to come by. That's why four years ago we started tracking prices along Balboa Avenue, Panama City's iconic waterfront District.

In a market where information is in short supply, this report is an essential read for anyone considering buying real estate on Balboa Avenue, downtown Panama City’s skyscraper-lined oceanfront district known locally as Avenida Balboa. This report features data collected over a period of five years on properties in one of Panama City’s most exclusive residential areas.


What to Expect?

  • Sales data on properties such as Yoo Tower, White Tower, Yacht Club and Destiny
  • Price movement between 2012 and 2016 of 17 buildings on Avenida Balboa


About The Author

Kent is a founding partner and managing director of Panama Equity and has been quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Financial Times of London, and The Miami Herald.

He’s been in Panama since 2007 and manages the city office team. Originally from Honolulu Hawaii, a graduate of James Madison University, and he has one son, Frank Sebastian Davis Sousa. Kent's a hard worker and loves what he does for a living.


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